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SYKP Europe: Erdogan and Maduro’s partnership is unacceptable

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to be sworn in as president of Turkey which will allow him to keep his post as dictator-in-chief. When we think about Erdogan’s hate for the revolutionaries of Turkey and Kurdistan, and his hatred for freedom of speech, democracy, human rights and the struggle of women , the attendance of the Qatari Emir and Hungary’s right-wing populist hero Orban at Erdogan’s inauguration ceremony is of no surprise. However, when we find Maduro expressing his decision to attend the ceremony, with a salute to Erdogan as “the leader of the multi-polar world”, we are left bewildered.

Erdogan, the commander-in-chief of one of the bloodiest armies of Nato, the patron of jihadists in Syria, the archenemy of revolutionaries in Turkey and the Rojava revolution, the misogynist, the corrupted dictator. This is the man who is a close ally of “Socialist” Maduro in the name of a so-called strategic partnership against imperialism.

The revolutionaries of Turkey will always fight shoulder to shoulder against imperialism and fascism with the people of Venezuela. But we will never forget Maduro’s support for Erdogan at the cost of betraying the Bolivarian revolution. History will remember Maduro extending his hand to Erdogan, whose hand is soaked in the blood of revolutionaries.

Think twice Maduro before you shake hands with Erdogan!
Long live the Bolivarian revolution!

Socialist Refoundation Party – Europe

What is SYKP?

The Socialist Refoundation Party (SYKP) is a communist party operating in Turkey.

The Party’s emblem is a three colored stars on a white background; the red from these colors symbolizes the struggle of the working class, the green symbolizes the nature and the struggle to protect our habitat, the purple symbolizes the struggle for freedom of women.

The definition of the Party is made as follows in the by-law (Article 2): Of those located on the progressive and the revolution pole of the conflict in the whole continent of the world and the carriers of the forward movement of the history are especially the working class, women, youth, advocates of nature and the life, and all workers, and the oppressed. That “the all written history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”, today, is also verified on a global scale. The working class and the oppressed are able to succeed in this struggle, only when they become organized and confronted as an organized force against the sovereign power. The Socialist Refoundation Party (SYKP) established to respond the need is the communist party of the working class and all oppressed. SYKP is aware of that it becomes necessity of refoundation of the working class movement and the socialist movement passed through historical conjuncture, and serving it sees itself as a primary mission.

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