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Electoral fraud with Martin Schulz, the German Bernie Sanders? – Harry R. WILKENS

As it is unlikely that Chancellor Angela Merkel will voluntarily withdraw, the Grand Coalition in Berlin of CDU/CSU and the SPD can remain in power after the September 2017 elections only with a new face – but an unfamiliar one, because there has been no beard carrier as a chancellor so far, except Hitler with his tootbrush beard…

Putin wants to prevent Merkel’s re-election because it is the only one who dares to defy him as the “leader of the free world”. And with what is presenly going in Washington, no one can actually imagine a chancellor of Putin’s grace.

As with Bernie Sanders, the mass media are trying to write the former President of the European Parlisment, Martin Schulz (SPD), up to the government. It will not work here either and this is also not the goal of the Springer, Mohn & Co who dominate the media. Only ensuring the neoliberal ideas must be guaranteed, and this is safe with Merkel and very likely to be achieved with Schulz. Unless the goal of the Jubelpresse is another senseless Great Coalition (GroKo) under chancellery squatter Merkel.

“Gerhard Schröder has done a lot for our country. The fact that Germany is better today than many other European states, is mainly due to the Agenda 2010.” – With these words, Martin Schulz praised precisely the policy which turned so many SPD voter away from their party. In other words, this new hope of German social democracy is still on Agenda 2010 and Hartz IV. Instead of ending wage dumping and finally celebrating the record surpluses for the welfare of the people.

His former competitor as candidate for chancellor, the leader of SPD, Vice Chancellor and new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, had achieved Schröder’s economic policy with a massive fall in unemployment, but an incredible increase in temporary low-wage manpower, with a steadily increasing tremendous poverty gap in Germany. Gabriel’s involvement in arms trade and other deals and complicities with Rogue States, such as Iran, would continue under Schulz…

There was an insurrection from the inside in the SPD, but this would have meant the complete break with the Agenda 2010 policy, and thus a break with today’s strong(wo)men like Gabriel, Oppermann, Scholz, Kraft, Nahles, the newly “elected” Federal President Steinmeier, and also Schulz. But the frustration of the base is not big enough to revolutionise the party from within through a grassroots movement.

From the end of January 2017, the “opposition” media were overlapping with reports of (supposed) consent values. How is this possible if Schulz represents the same policy as Gabriel? To put it bluntly, informed people are amazed at anyone who puts hopes in Schulz. And this powerseeker, who caused already incidents with foreign politicians because of his “typically German” arrogant behavior,  always avoids answers to delicate questions about serious capital and capital gains taxes. But he also keeps silent about his tax-free daily allowance of  € 304 during his (unsuccessful) 2013/14 campaign to become president of the EU-Commission, and about the financial favors granted to his friends….

All this despite the fact that Schulz’s slogans to the naive electorate are always the same and are meant to make this power-hungry rich man more human, who repeatedly mentions hard-working people and single-parenting mothers who can no more cope with their meager income, as well as his hard-working neighbors from his small hometown of Würselen near the Dutch and Belgian borders of which he was mayor before his EU time. And again and again he flirts with his missing high-school diploma and his past as an alcoholic.

Schulz makes an election campaign with the “fight against tax havens” In fact, he has always supported his friend, EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker, who has put in place he most harmful tax haven in Luxemburg. The men’s friendship between Schulz and Juncker is legendary: Schulz organized in EU-parliament the majorities for he EU Commission’s proposals, and he prevented a committee of inquiry in EU-Parliament when Luxemburg’s government under Prime Minister Juncker had given dubious tax dues to large conglomerates…

Schulz has always supported TTIP, CETA and TISA. He has supported  the austerity policy against the peoples of Southern Europe and the division of Europe, He never criticized the troika. He has supported the unlimited banking bailout, the pension and salary reductions in Greece and Spain, as well as privatizations – either actively or through silent consent. He was always an advocate of Eurobonds, i.e. of a communitisation of debts. That is, of some countries make any high debts, all others pay…

Willy Brandt said once: “There is no point in winning a majority for the Social Democrats when the price is to be no longer  a social democrat. ” Schulz, the deceiver with a relevant past (manipulated expense reports, favoring of friends) always presents himself as a benefactor – as long as he is not so powerful that he can simply force his will through governmental violence. Right-wing politicians, also those of the populist opposition party AfD, rarely say that they detest the inferior people by whom they want to come to power or remain there. Between pseudo-left and overcoming capitalism is a very large mine-field…

Might the only hope for a new beginning of Social Democracy be in Great Britain with Jeremy Corbyn and in France with Benoît Hamon?


Who is Harry R. Wilkens?

Harry R. Wilkens was born in 1945 in the French/American garrison town of Kaiserslautern (in the former French Occupation Zone of Germany), nicknamed “K-Town” by the American GIs. He was always hanging around with American and especially French soldiers. While many of his schoolpals left for the USA, he remained in Europe, mostly in French-speaking countries. Wrote newspaper articles and poetry in German and French and published from 1977 to 1981 in Bavaria the anarchist quarterly Conflict. Background journalist in Athens from 1984 to 1987. Has been living since 1991 in Geneva and continues to write his poetry directly into his familiar “GI-English” for many zines all over the world and several chapbooks, like The Hit Man (also in Arabic), Terre Promise, Zombies (bilingual), Pig’s Hell, Un autre monde, Abyss (English/Greek) and the first three versions of Piss Talks (one of them in English/Korean). In 1997, along with others, he founded the Docker Movement for free, non-adademic poetry accessible to everybody and was the editor of the Dockernet newsletter.

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